Lesley's Story: Manifesting Her Dream Home

We were delighted to receive this story from Lesley... You see, wishes take time, attention, and love. We are so thrilled that Wishbeads has been a part of her journey for building the life of her dreams.

Transforming Life's Overwhelm with Wishwork

There comes a time in everyone’s life when all the stress and overwhelm of life becomes too much to bear. When you feel like a rubber band stretched so taught you could break at any moment. That was me four years ago. Widowed, raising two young girls; feeling isolated at the height of the pandemic. I found myself without a job and at the brink of homelessness. 

Discovering the Power of Wishwork

Determined to have a better life, I discovered an amazing woman named Alexa Fischer who introduced me to the power of wishing. Through her guided meditations and her book, Wishwork, I started my wish journey and changed my life in the best of all possible ways.

Visualizing and Manifesting Dreams

It all began with connecting with my heart and visualizing my wish. As I listened to the guided visualization, I envisioned the life I wanted in extraordinary detail. A beautiful home by the sea, our horses in the backyard. A koi pond, a water fountain, a lemon tree. I could feel the warm sun on my face and hear the laughter of my daughters. Then I would envision sharing this sacred space with others: more children, teens, families, all those who have suffered from grief or trauma and were seeking a place to heal. I would see it before me as though it was happening in present time.

When I was ready, I opened my eyes and recorded the entire experience in my Wishwork book. I wrote down the entire experience in detail as if it’s already happened. All of the details that I could remember and even some that I added as I was writing. It all felt so real as if I was describing something that I was already living. Then, I began doing the Wishwork. Each day inspired me to take the tiniest action steps. It might be to just research horse properties by the sea, or homes for rent in Malibu. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have the money to buy any of these. I was advised not to think about the “how”, just begin each day with the end in mind.

Understanding the Science of Manifestation

Have you ever noticed that whenever you focus on an object of desire, say like a new car, you start seeing it everywhere? Many attribute this to the “Law of Attraction” believing that whatever you focus on magically comes to you. But for skeptics like myself, I needed to know there was a little more science to back up these claims. That’s how I found out about a part of the brain stem known as the Reticular Activating System, or RAS. Known as the gatekeeper from the conscious to the unconscious mind, the RAS acts as a powerful filter to remove all the noise and help you focus and achieve what you continually thinking about. 

Knowing this allowed me to have more faith in what I was wishing for because I knew it wasn’t magic. Each morning when I woke up, I thought about my wish and felt the feelings of BEING THERE already. Every time I looked at my Wishbeads, I remembered my wish and it helped me stay positive and proactive. In fact, I was actually training my RAS to seek out the opportunities I desired…and it worked!

The Journey Continues

Manifestation takes practice and persistence. I’m still working toward my ultimate wish of having a horse ranch, providing equine EMDR therapy for kids and teens, but I’m getting closer. Today, at the golden hour of dawn, this is image is what I awake to now.

Embracing Tomorrow's Potential

So tomorrow, before you do anything else, ask yourself what is it that you really want? See it clearly. Feel the joy of living your wish. Write it down with detail. Then let Alexa and the power of Wishwork guide the way.