Wishbeads is so much more than an inspirational jewelry line.

"The entire idea for Wishbeads came to me in an instant. I created wish beads to be your opportunity to explore how powerful you are, to create exactly the life you want. It’s your own path to making your wishes come true. Have fun with the journey!"

– Alexa Fischer, Founder

Alexa Fischer is an actress, coach, and motivational speaker on a quest to give wishes the power they need to become reality. 

She's appeared on television shows such as NCIS, CSI, Numb3rs, and Bones. Using techniques she learned on set and at the Yale School of Drama, Alexa teaches private clients, Fortune 500 companies, and philanthropic organizations how to connect effectively to achieve personal and professional goals. She's been featured in Fast Company, Forbes Women, numerous podcasts, and The Today Show.

Alexa lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband, two kids, a white fluffy rescue dog named Eddie, and her bright red 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer which serves as her outdoor office. In addition to Wishbeads, you can find her teaching students around the globe at alexafischer.com.

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"After joyfully receiving my first Wishbeads bracelet as a gift, during a transitional period in my life, I decided to pass on the magic to several close friends. Without exception, each one said some version of, "This is so perfect for me right now! How did you know?" Often, with tears in their eyes. Such is the magic of Wishbeads."

– Courtney Thorne-Smith, Actress

"Day 12 of the Wishwork was magical. I told a total stranger about my wish... it felt SO GOOD to say it out loud, overcoming years of hiding my deepest desire. Two months later my wish came true. I love my bracelet and I wear it every day to remember how powerful I am. It's amazing."

– Deja Riley, Movement Coach

"It's easy to write down a wish, goal, or intention and then... kinda forget all about it. With Wishbeads, your wish becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear—and see—every day. It's such a simple, genius concept. Every time I look at my bracelet, I smile and remember what I'm working towards in my life—and why."

– Alexandra Franzen, Author