Join me at Camp! breathe Retreat, September 2024

If you’ve followed me on social, you’ve likely heard me talk about my desire to create WISH CAMP. You see, when you WISH OUT LOUD, people listen and if you’re fortunate enough, they get excited to help you make your wishes come true!

My dear friend Billy Goldberg knew all about my big wish, and connected me to his friend, Jamie Cole who had owned and operated Camp Robin Hood in Freedom, New Hampshire for years. Once she sold it, she made a special request–to be able to host a camp experience for women once all the kids went home!

She’s now in her eight year of breathe retreat, and I was thrilled to be the “Chief Wisher” at her event last summer! Better yet, my dear friend and best-selling author Kristine Carlson was the featured speaker. We had so much fun together we’ve decided to come back and do it again!

If you’re looking to escape to the woods next to the most spectacular lake, delight in an array of fun activities, and connect with the most incredible women, JOIN US! You can get all the details right here.

I’m declaring my new wish - for my life to feel like camp and my clothes to feel like pajamas. 

Wanna come?! Go snag yourself a spot! I call the top bunk!

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