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African Turquoise

Meaning: Positivity + Purpose

African turquoise has the ability to confirm our purpose and reassure ourselves that we are on the right path. Its wearer will feel confident and stable when confronting change and discovering new opportunities. This divine stone gives one the strength to pursue their dreams and become their true self.


Meaning: Inspiration + Flow

Amazonite helps you communicate your truth with authenticity and confidence. The power of this stone is that it will support you in shining your inner light and speaking up with ease while inspiring others with your unique voice. If you’ve been looking to find your flow and the ability to be brave with your words and ideas, this is your stone!


Meaning: Trust + Intuition

Amethyst is a stone known for its connection to the mind. With the ability to clear negative thoughts, Amethyst restores a sense of calm and allows one to have clear access to their ideas, beliefs, and intuition. With mental roadblocks out of the way, amethyst enables its wearers to trust themselves and improves their intellectual and cerebral activity.

Black Onyx

Meaning: Protection + Healing

Black onyx is known as a protective stone, guarding one from negative energy and providing strength in times of stress. The stone aids development of emotional and physical strength in times of turmoil, allowing its wearer to heal whatever emotional ailments they’re coping with.

Botswana Agate

Meaning: Creativity + Calm

The delicate array of warm tones in Botswana Agate is reminiscent of the natural beauty of Africa where this stone is mined. Known to absorb sunlight, Botswana Agate offers comfort and calm especially in times of stress and grieving. It’s grounding nature is soothing, helping you discover your inner light in times of darkness.


Meaning: Creativity + Passion

The vivacious stone Carnelian is full of life force from its vibrant color to its intrinsically energetic properties. The stone is a playful and encouraging one that allows its wearer to shed worry so they can be their bold, spontaneous, and loving selves. Carnelian creates harmony between focus and passion and thus leads to a boost in creative expression.

Coral Jade

Meaning: Confidence + Motivation

Coral jade is known to bring clarity to its wearer and makes one aware of all the opportunities available to them. With the ability to clear one’s mind, coral jade allows for the discovery of who you are, who you’re meant to be, and a vision to get what you want.


Meaning: Creativity + Flow

Garnet, a pomegranate-red stone, can spark your vitality and move your energy from sluggish to finding your flow. This gorgeous stone embodies creativity, love, and hope. Found in various parts of the world including India and Madagascar, it's also associated with passion, connecting to root, solar plexus, and heart chakras.

Grass Agate

Meaning: Soothing + Centering

Grass Agate brings balance. If you’re restless, they can reintroduce equilibrium. Agates can bring you a constant, gentle feeling of support that will steady you if you’re feeling shaky about your decisions.

Grey Agate

Meaning: Balance + Stability

Agate is a stone with an affinity for balance. Its greatest strength is harmonizing and agate can reintroduce equilibrium to a restless wearer. The stone provides a constant, gentle feeling of support that can steady one who is feeling shaky in their path. Wear the stone to achieve peace and balance in all aspects of life.


Meaning: Grounding + Centering

Hematite improves focus and links the mind to nature, providing a solid foundation for clear thinking. This age-old gem supports a sense of grounding and emotional equilibrium while shielding against negativity, elevating self-esteem, and nurturing personal growth. Hematite is the ideal stone to restore balance and elevate your vitality.


Meaning: Clarity + Imagination

Labradorite, the mystical gem, is known to heighten intuition and balance that intuition with intellect. When our mental faculties are balanced and strong, it allows our imagination to soar to new heights. Because of the clarity labradorite creates in the mind, it sets the wearer up to cover new creative ground without impediment.

Lapis Lazuli

Meaning: Love + Protection

Lapis lazuli is known for its innate ability to heal and protect. By guarding its wearer against mental turmoil, lapis lazuli quickly relieves stress and instills a feeling of tranquility. The harmony brought on by this peaceful trance encourages honesty, compassion, and love—towards others, but also towards oneself.

Lava Rock

Meaning: Grounding + Calming

Black Lava Rock’s meaning is deeply rooted in its creation. The stone began as molten lava that then solidified under extreme heat and pressure. Born out of chaos, black lava rock emerged as a solid—strong and unwavering. It is considered a power stone and can be used to ground its wearer. If the stone can thrive under such intense conditions, black lava rock can influence its wearer to do the same by instilling a sense of calm even in distressing environments.

Light Jade

Meaning: Wealth + Wisdom

Jade is known for its all-encompassing prosperity--prosperity in wealth, but also prosperity in wisdom, good luck, and friendship. Abundance in these areas allows for a plentiful and enriched life. Jade helps its wearers understand what is holding them back from their full potential and allows them to address these issues. The wearer can then reap the benefits of self-actualization.


Meaning: Empowered Femininity

The goddess energy of Moonstone invites us to tap into our divine feminine power and embrace the rhythms and cycles of life. Also known for aiding in fertility, the mystical energy of moonstone helps us connect more deeply with our intuition. Bring this stone out during the new and full moons for extra charge and connection.


Meaning: Protection + Abundance

Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word for fire and when it’s struck on the earth, it sparks! Often mistaken for gold, it was once used in divination. Pyrite nurtures body, mind, and soul with purifying energy, igniting courage and enhancing perception. It also shields emotions, encourages logic, and opens you up to all of life’s possibilities—a gem for strength, clarity, and protection.

Rose Quartz

Meaning: Love + Forgiveness

Rose quartz is known as a love stone. It opens one’s heart to all kinds of love—romantic, familial, collegial, and most importantly, love of self. Crucial in love (and in life) is also forgiveness. Rose quartz lowers tension and stress in the heart and allows the wearer to see situations from multiple perspectives, paving the way for forgiveness and release of negative emotions.

Sea Sediment Jasper

Meaning: Stability + Clarity

Sea Sediment Jasper promotes stability in its wearer by helping release negative emotions. This stone aids in letting go of what you no longer need, so you can enjoy a sense of inner peace, compassion, love, and clarity.

Tiger Eye

Meaning: Confidence + Good Fortune

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone known to instill fierce confidence in its wearer. Known to reduce fear and uncertainty, tiger’s eye allows your natural confidence to shine and thrive. When you shed those negative emotions, you can become sharply focused on your true desires. Between the newfound confidence and unwavering focus, nothing can get between you and whatever you are set out to do.

Tourmaline Quartz

Meaning: Clearing + Protection

Tourmaline Quartz is a powerful combination of both Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. When melded together, the Clear Quartz amplifies the grounding and healing nature of the Tourmaline, known for neutralizing toxic and distracting energies in our environment. When these stones are together, you can clear what no longer serves you and ground yourself in the present moment.