Meet Meko Concha 🎥 A Tiwa Indian artist from Taos, New Mexico

During a family trip to Taos, New Mexico, in 2019, I experienced a serendipitous encounter that would beautifully intertwine the worlds of ancient ceramic art and modern intention-setting. Nestled within the vibrant and spiritually charged atmosphere of the Taos Pueblo, I met Meko Concha, a talented ceramist with roots deeply embedded in the Tiwa tribe. This meeting wasn't just by chance; it felt like the universe conspiring to bring together two souls on a shared path of spreading magic and purpose.

Meko's World: A Blend of Tradition and Earth

Meko, a member of the Tiwa tribe, introduced me to the beauty of Micaceous clay—a material that has been used by his people for centuries, primarily for creating cookware due to its durability and unique thermal properties. What captivated me was not just the material but the profound connection Meko had with his craft. His work wasn't just about forming clay into shapes; it was a sacred process of embedding the earth's stories into tangible forms.

The Artistic Process: An Act of Reverence

Meko's work was like witnessing a dance of elements—earth, water, air, and fire—coming together in a harmonious symphony. He shared with me the meticulous steps involved in his craft, from sourcing the perfect Micaceous clay, shaping it by hand into exquisite beads, to the delicate firing process that requires patience and precision. The smoke and variable heat from the fire imbue each bead with unique hues and textures, making them not just accessories but carriers of history and energy.

A Serendipitous Collaboration

After meeting Meko, I had a spark of inspiration to incorporate these ancient, earthy beads into Wishbeads — a concept I had nurtured to empower individuals to wear their wishes and intentions. The collaboration felt like a natural fusion, bridging the gap between the tangible and the ethereal, the past and the present. Meko's beads, each a small universe of its own, became the perfect vessels to hold the wearer's deepest desires and dreams.

Carrying Earth's Magic: The Intention Behind Every Bead

This collaboration with Meko is more than just a fusion of crafts; it's a reminder of our interconnectedness with the earth and each other. By integrating Meko's ceramic art with Wishbeads, we've created something that goes beyond mere jewelry. These pieces are talismans, imbued with the spirit of the earth and the power of human intention. They serve as daily reminders of our dreams, grounding us in our connection to the world and inspiring us to pursue our goals with courage and clarity.

Our journey from that serendipitous meeting in Taos to bringing our collaborative vision to life has been a testament to the power of connection, creativity, and intention. It's a celebration of how art, in its many forms, can inspire, transform, and connect us to the deeper currents of life. Through this partnership, Meko and I invite you to wear a piece of the earth's magic, to hold your dreams close, and to step forward each day with purpose and passion.

Wishbeads Meko Intention Wish Necklace