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The Wishbeads Podcast

Hosted by Alexa Fischer.

Episode 66 | Alexa Update! My Big Wish

 Hi! I'm Alexa, the Creator of Wishbeads. I've learned quite a lot in this Wishbeads journey, especially about the importance of staying positive, persistent, and proactive. Making your wishes come true takes time, but when you believe in your dreams and you are non-attached to the results, you experience MAGIC.

In this episode, I mention some truly inspiring stories featured in Humans of New York. They have interviewed thousands of people in NYC and I'm in awe of the inspiring people they've featured. I also share the miracle of my connection with India.Arie. You can see her in action over at her Instagram @india.arie. (Psst: Look for a post she did about Wishbeads!).

Friends, may my story, my creations, and my heartfelt gratitude, inspire you to keep going after your dreams. You deserve everything you desire and more! If you haven't yet joined me for a live virtual Wishcircle, then be sure to sign up here. I would be honored to meet you!