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Our next virtual Wishcircle with special guest Michelle Edgar! ✨

Join us for a Virtual Wishcircle with Michelle Edgar! ✨

Thursday, August 26th
5pm PT / 8pm ET

As Founder & CEO of The XX Project, Michelle has built a community of female leaders to propel women to their next phase of personal and professional success, shift them into an empowered state of self, realign with authentic goals and values, add significant relationships to their network, and provide a supportive community.

Michelle transformed her life during the pandemic. A successful music executive, Founder of both The XX Project and Music Unites, she knew how to hustle and make things happen. When the pandemic hit, after losing her step-father, she decided to make some big changes.

She went from walking around her neighborhood, to training with a running coach at UCLA, to ultimately running in competitions. After running over 1,000 miles in less than a year, she's never felt happier, stronger, and more alive. Join us as we chat about the gifts that come with commitment, vision and a cup of ambition!

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Let's wish together – on Zoom!

Imagine… Hundreds of people from around the world. All genders. All ages. All ethnicities. All faiths. All joining together to meditate… visualize beautiful wishes… write them down… and pledge to make these wishes come true.

Hundreds of people wishing… with their whole hearts… all at the exact same moment.

An incredible experience. And you can be part of this.

You’re invited to join us at the next Wishcircle!

  • The Wishcircle happens once a month… and it’s free.
  • It’s online so you can join from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s led by Alexa Fischer, CEO, and Founder of Wishbeads plus a special guest!

What happens at a Virtual Wishcircle?

  • Sign up for the Zoom webinar and follow along at home.
  • First, Alexa leads everyone through a guided meditation to get still, calm, and focused.
  • Then, everyone takes a few moments to imagine their wish, dream, or goal, and write it down.
  • You’ll leave the Wishcircle feeling refreshed and clear about your goals.
  • A beautiful, uplifting experience. All ages welcome. Watch by yourself, or watch with your whole family!

Want to come? Click the button above and you'll get all the detail. We can't wait to see you there!