What is a Wishcircle?

Social connections are, according to science, some of the most important and the most happiness-promoting choices we can make. For centuries, people have gathered in circles to connect with one another and share experiences—whether it’s beside the campfire or around the dinner table.

A Wishcircle is what we call the act of wishing together as a group; supporting each other as we go through the process of discovering what we truly want, writing it down, and then using our Wishbeads as a tool to help us focus our minds on those goals.

Our monthly virtual Wishcircle is an all-inclusive space where you can spend time immersed in self-care, watering the garden of your dreams and desires.

You can also gather some friends and host your own Wishcircle!


What happens in a Wishcircle?

Our virtual Wishcircles are a two-hour event on Zoom where you’ll be led through a guided visualization—picturing yourself as if you’re living your wish—seeing and feeling a moment in time where everything feels just right. In the second hour, you’ll explore the meaning behind what you experienced and how you can bring those insights into your life right now.

You see, each visualization takes you deeper into the sensory details of your imagination and these experiences contain clues about what your heart and soul truly desire. You’ll then record the experience, in rich present tense detail, in your copy of Wishwork or our paperback journal. The key here is to capture the details of your wish, in your Wishwork book or journal, then write a short phrase that captures the essence of your wish that you can tuck inside your Wishbeads jewelry.


Our virtual Wishcircles are designed to help you connect clearly and specifically with what you want, so you can build a road map of how to get there.

Little clues are everywhere. Every time you see your wish happening and you understand that you can take action toward it, you empower yourself. After the exercise, you can use those clues to take action toward something in your future, like a goal—but it’s also an opportunity to clarify things you can bring into your life RIGHT NOW.

For example, if you’re in a big city, but you see yourself in the future immersed in nature, there are ways to put that intention into your environment right now! It might be surrounding yourself with floral art or lighting a candle that smells of pine trees. Small steps can create an environment that moves you closer to your dreams and reminds you of what matters.


Every person who joins a group makes space to encourage everyone else; in a Wishcircle, we both hold and amplify our energy together.

I would invite you to see the Wishcircle experiences as a unique visit to a mental and emotional gym. In a world that constantly sways us to compare ourselves to others, connecting deeply with our own, authentic needs literally takes some muscle, and so does manifestation work. Wishcircles are a place to strengthen those muscles, create accountability and get community support, and meditate on ideas that will make your life brighter.

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