How to Host a Wishcircle

A Wishcircle is the perfect activity for a party, book club, girls' getaway, or meaningful event like a bachelorette, wedding, or baby shower. It’s an opportunity for friends and acquaintances to stop their busy lives so they can craft their desires into a wearable reminder of what they wish for in life.

Here’s a guide to hosting a Wishcircle of your very own!


What you’ll need for your Wishcircle:

  1. A Wishbeads bracelet or necklace for each guest.
  2. Wishwork book or journal for each guest.
  3. Our Guided Visualization (audio) and a way to play it for your guests, like your smartphone or laptop.


STEP 1. Choose your Wishbeads.

Whether you choose the same style for each guest or simply have an assortment of Wishbeads on hand for your guests to choose from, our Intention Collection offers stones with energetic properties to support all kinds of wishes and goals.

Consider sharing our Stone Meaning Guide with your guests in advance to help them choose a stone that matches their intention or invite them to take our free quiz!


STEP 2: Choose how you'll do the Wishwork.

During and after the Wishcircle, your guests will need a place to write down their thoughts, feelings, and reflections as they do the Wishwork—21 days of simple exercises that help you recognize the opportunities and support already around you.

The Wishwork book is the perfect option. Written by Wishbeads creator Alexa Fischer, Wishwork contains the entire 21-day experience, plus guided journaling pages, insights, inspiration, and stories about the power of wishing.

For a more compact option, our Wishbeads journal contains only the Wishwork journaling prompts and space for writing. 


STEP 3. Do the Guided Visualization.

Our Guided Visualization is an exercise designed to help you see exactly what you truly desire and imagine your life as if your wish had already come true. You can lead your guests through the visualization by...

Remind your guests to take their time, awaken their senses, and try to notice at least three specific details during their visualization.

It’s also important to mention that everyone may not experience a clear vision, and that’s okay! Rather than judging themselves, encourage participants to instead keep themselves open to noticing feelings or sensations from the experience. Sometimes those instinctual feelings are ultimately what guides you in the direction you need to go!


STEP 4. Record the experience.

Once everyone has completed the visualization, invite them to write down the details of what they experienced in rich, present tense language inside their Wishwork book or journal.

Encourage them to write without judgment and without stopping, allowing the creative process to unfold naturally and spontaneously. By including rich, detailed descriptions, you'll get important clues to the specific nuances of what your heart desires. With an open mind and a little curiosity, you may be surprised by what you “see” in the process!


STEP 5: Write your wish and tuck it inside your Wishbeads.

Once everyone has recorded their experience in their Wishwork book or journal, it’s time to write your wish on the Wishpaper included with your Wishbeads jewelry! This is the wish you'll wear daily to remind you to keep taking action toward what you want. 

Inside the box, you'll find a small envelope of Wishpapers. Using a single piece, write a few words or a phrase that captures the essence of your wish. This is the “movie title” version of the desire you saw during the visualization.

Then, use the included toothpick to tightly roll up your Wishpaper and tuck it inside the capsule on your Wishbeads bracelet or necklace. Be sure to tighten the capsule each time you put your jewelry on or take it off to keep it secure and physically reconnect with your wish.


STEP 6. Share and discuss the experience.

“Circling” is a powerful experience where you have the opportunity for support and connection. As guests complete the experience, it’s a perfect time to discuss your wishes with one another! Encourage your guests to share their wish or some of the details that emerged during the process.

The act of having your wishes witnessed by others is powerful in itself, but it’s also a chance to bring your wish to the forefront of your mind and the minds of those around you. Who knows, someone in the room might be able to help you with your wish!


STEP 7. Do the Wishwork!

Once the Wishcircle has concluded, it’s time to do the Wishwork! Each guest will use their copy of the Wishwork book or journal to follow along for 21 days of small daily actions and prompts that will help move you closer to your wish.

You can also sign up to do the Wishwork via email at Action creates results!