We're Re-Inventing the Wish.

After a few years in the wish business, I decided it was high-time to articulate why I've made wishing my life's work. Wishing isn't the stuff of child's play, it's a powerful, creative, and accessible way to change your life.

The word "wish".

The 'wish' in Wishbeads is intentionally naive and unburdened by cultural terms like "manifestation" or "positive thinking." Wishing is playful, imaginative and purposely resists new age-isms. Remember how powerful your imagination was when you were a child? A pencil became a wand. Stuffed animals were praised pupils. A crown made you feel ten feet tall. You believed and those feelings made it all seem real.

So, when did we stop believing?

If you’re like most people, you think that wishing is for kids. Reality is for adults. Plus, wishing is risky. What if it’s too big?  What if they laugh? What if you fail?  So, you play it safe, suppressing your desires, so you can be happy with what is, rather than what could be. But guess what? It’s never too late to wish, and you don’t have to believe to begin.

So, what do you want?

This hilariously simple question often evokes answers like, "good health, happiness, abundance, and true love." All wonderful notions, but not nearly specific enough to render any meaningful results. When you can visualize your life as if your wish has already come true, you activate your entire being, and the details of this moment become the pin in the map of your destiny. If I asked you to name three things you longed for, right now, could you name them in vivid detail? Tricky, right? We often draw a blank.

Wishing takes work.

Once you’ve walked through this doorway of wishing, next you must make the commitment to participate in the process. It’s work. Any meaningful achievement takes effort and that’s why it’s so rewarding. But this kind of work isn’t hard work –it’s fascinating work. In fact, with childlike curiosity, you’ll be guided to discover what you want, then embark on 21 days of action steps, which will likely be different than what you imagine the “to do” list to be. That’s the Wishwork. When we connect with our heart, make our wish, and do the "work," we’re training our brain to awaken new patterns of possibility and purpose. But most importantly, the non-work work of "noticing."

Distraction is inertia.

It’s odd that we habitually give our attention away—freely. Whether we focus on "worse-case scenarios" and spend our precious time doom-scrolling on our phones, or simply get lost in worlds that have nothing to do with us, we leavein some way. The digital world is addictive by design, so this happens to the most mindful peoplebut in Wishworkwe get into relationship with thisquickly.  We look at where we’ve convinced ourselves "the world is terrible" or "why haven’t I already done that" or "I’ll never get to have that," which then blocks our mind from seeing what’s possible. This has taken a huge toll on us, resulting in unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression and division. But, the good news is, we hold the key for unlocking this prison of our own making.

Feeling after Wishing.

The "wish" portion of the work ends when we begin to feel what it is to have our wishes come true. Gone are the imaginings of "what would it be like to…?" and here are the days of "I’m in my dream meeting, with people I admire on a project that thrills me. I’m excited, interested and engaged." We’ve pulled that wish so close that it is no longer a wish, it is an "is."

You’re wearing more than your wish.

Inside your Wishbeads, you’ve tucked your wish inside our signature cylinder. When you wear your Wishbeads daily, you’re not simply remembering what you wished for, you’re remembering how that wish made you feel. You see it, you feel it, and you become it. You train your mind to activate those feelings and then those feel-good feelings change your present experience. When you change, everything changes.

Say yes to you.

While you may be inclined to wish for someone else, that’s not the work we’re doing. And the truth is, you actually can’t make other people’s dreams come true. You can be part of them becoming actualized. You can be an aspect to their future dreams. But the best way to help others is to help yourself. This isn’t easy for many of us, but it is the work. So get selfish.

Your wish is a spark of light inside your heart and once it’s ignited, you shine. That’s the energy everyone feels around you when you say yes to you. And your light–activated by the pursuit of your wish–lights up everyone else’s light too. It radiates–affecting you, your family, your community, your country, and the world.

Here’s the proposition.

You don't need to believe me. You don't even need to believe in yourself (just yet!). That’s not a prerequisite for this work. I ask that you raise your hand to participate, that you commit to the process, and when you do, I promise you–as you go, the momentum will build. When you walk in the footsteps of your own experience, you will become a believer. I’ve seen the magic happen over and over again. You deserve to have your wishes come true. You really do. Not just for you, but for all of us.

Don’t wait to wish. It’s time. Let’s go.

PS: If you're ready to dive deeper into the world of wishing, then head over to alexafischer.com.