The secrets to making your wishes bloom!

"The flowers that bloom tomorrow are the seeds you planted today." –Unknown.

If you've ever wondered how we're re-inventing the way we wish, let me pull back the curtain and show you an example from my life. You see, a few years ago, our family decided on remodeling our house. It took us years to figure out what we wanted to do, then make the appropriate decisions to pull it off.

Wishing starts with a pull at your heart, whispering what you want.

There was one space in particular that I couldn't yet figure out, so we left it alone—a simple porch area just off my office. It would have been easy to throw a deck on it and call it a day, but I knew it could be something really special. I let my imagination wander, browsed ideas on Pinterest, and left the space empty month after month.

Wishing lets you play with many different outcomes.

When you have a blank canvas it can be overwhelming to make a decision. Instead of going with a quick solution to my space remodel, I gave myself the gift of time. On Sunday mornings, my husband and I would explore different ideas as we sipped our coffee. A waterproof roof? A shade structure? Hanging plants? Each idea was played out as a movie in my mind. I found it fun, not frustrating.

Wishing takes a wee bit of work.

Yes, it's nice to imagine things, but it's also nice to experience them in the material world. The "work" of wishing is fun by nature. Once the seed if your wish is planted, you nourish it's growth by taking action. Research, materials, money, these are the things of the material world when put together certainly help make your wishes come true.

Wishing is a journey, not a destination.

Take a look at the video and follow as i share this jounrey with you. Whether you're remodeling your home, calling in your next great love, or mapping out a future career, the process of wishing is the same. The flowers that bloom tomorrow, are in fact, the seeds you plant today!