Episode 49 | Sally Lou Loveman - Your Story is Your Superpower


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When I met Sally Lou Loveman (on Zoom of all things!), there was an instant connection. Not only was she a dear friend of a dear friend of mine - but she also loves people as much as I do! As the former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Lou had a front-row seat to the most powerful stories. These stories landed on millions of people's hearts and they landed on hers.

She then took her love and her natural talent for story-telling and decided to teach people how to own their story and share it with others as a way of building connection, empathy, loyalty, and efficiency - both at work and at home. 

She's also the author of the book SPEAK: Love Your Story, Your Audience Is Waiting. She believes that we all have a gift - our story. Sally Lou helps you discover yours. See her in action in your favorite corner of the internet.

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