Episode 50 | Moon Water Magic with Barbara Mouradian


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Oh, the internet can be a wonderful place to meet new friends! Barbara Mouradian is the creative force and magical moon water maker at her new company, Eye Love Love. A former luxury event designer and planner, her life took a twist when she was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease called Sarcoidosis. Never one to sit still, she turned to water to find solace and healing.

Once the pandemic hit, she felt drawn to create moon waters - a practice she learned from both her mother and grandmother. Her creativity, passion, and inventiveness all came together to launch her new business - at home in quarantine! (She also confessed that this was the very wish she placed in her Rose Quartz bracelet!)

When she's not busy mixing up magic, she's enjoying time with her 5 kids and her lovely husband. I'm a huge fan of her waters and lucky enough to call her a friend. May her story inspire you to take your gift and share it with the world!

Grab your favorite Moon Water here: www.eyelovelove.com 
See her gorgeous process on Instagram at @eye.love.love