Episode 48 | Ajeesh Ashok - Writer by day. Rider by night.


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Oh, the world has a funny way of bringing people together! Ajeesh was surfing the web late at night in India, feeling rather stressed under the COVID quarantine, when an ad for one of my online courses magically popped up. A few clicks later, he officially became a student of mine! What unfolded next was truly amazing...

In today's podcast, hear his incredible story. Since that fateful night, he has become a friend, a supporter, and a true Wish Warrior! I have no doubt you'll be inspired to awaken your curiosity, connect to your creativity, and re-discover your courage to take action toward your deepest desires. So many open roads and life adventures await you!

It's my pleasure for you to meet him! Take it away, Ajeesh!

Ajeesh here from Mumbai. I'm a professional technical writer; I write about software, technology, and machines. And when I'm not writing, I ride! That's right! I'm a die-hard motorcycle touring enthusiast and love riding my motorcycle for days (and sometimes nights) on end. Motorcycling, for me, has always been a powerful way of self-expression and self-exploration; an incredible way to learn more about myself, my hidden fears and strengths, and then embrace them all to become a whole and integrated being. The idea of pushing the limits of man and machine to overcome obstacles and reach the destination and then safely bringing the story back home continues to fascinate me and still keeps me motivated as I tread unfamiliar lands on a 500cc motorcycle.

Writing, on the other hand, is this powerful way of communicating; I've always loved and believed in the power of words to teach, inspire, and move people. It is also the perfect way to balance my fiery motorcyclist persona which can get too demanding and even self-destructive at times if left totally uncontrolled. Needless to mention the financial stability, security, and leisure time that it provides as a profession makes it possible for me to do all that I love. So by being a technical writer in the day and a technical rider at night, I get to remain happy and sane and experience the best of both worlds. 

So, long story short, I'm this happy, curious next-door rider/writer who's eager to learn new things, who believe in the magic of the Universe, and above all, someone who loves to live life in the moment, a kilometer at a time...