As seen on... The Today Show! 🎉

Whoa! What a wonderful surprise! On Wednesday, Lifestyle journalist Amy Goodman featured Wishbeads in her segment “Wellness Wednesdays” on The Today Show!

Amy did a brilliant job highlighting the power of focusing your mind on what you want, as a way to move you closer to your deepest desires.

It’s all too easy to remain scared and stuck in a world that's quite challenging. When you have a tool like Wishbeads to remind you of your wish, you connect to the energy of your desired goal and all the desired feelings that go with it!

Amy also mentioned her friend Christina, that had wished for a new love. We heard all about the story (she’s getting married!) and hope to have her on the Wishbeads podcast soon so you can learn from her journey.

We all deserve to create the lives we want to live and the world we want to live in. Let your journey begin today.