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Hosted by Alexa Fischer.

Episode 88 | Evie Jeang: The Echoes of Her Heart

I had the pleasure of connecting with Evie after an extraordinary experience she had on a trip to Southeast Asia following the passing of her beloved grandmother. In our conversation, you'll hear her personal journey of motherhood, which informed her work in surrogacy, egg-freezing, fertility and access to information. It's an inspiring story that illustrates how a life journey can shape one's destiny!

Evie Jeang is an attorney, entrepreneur, surrogacy consultant, writer, activist, and mother. She's also a lifelong supporter and advocate for women's empowerment, serving on many non-profit and private boards. Her philanthropic activities primarily cater toward helping minority-owned businesses in the Los Angeles area, and the younger generation in her local community.

She has her own podcast, Evie Unbounded, dedicated to enlightenment, spirituality, work-life balance, women's equality and empowerment, and much more. I was honored to be her guest earlier this year.

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