The Wishbeads Podcast – True Stories from Real Customers

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The Wishbeads Podcast consists of funny, honest, amazing conversations with customers, friends, and fans. We talk about their Wishstories - true stories, discoveries, and inspiration to keep going and wishing BIG.

And another fun thing? This podcast is filmed inside my reissue 1961 Shasta Airflyte Trailer and we put the video version of the podcast on Youtube if you’re more of a visual learner!

What I hope you get from The Wishbeads Podcast (and how it’s different from other self-help podcasts)

I hope that you see yourself and your wishes in the stories we share. Of course, you’ll hear self-help tips, advice for manifesting your wishes and using the law of attraction. But more than that, I want you to see evidence of what’s possible.

Seeing and hearing other people's moments of inspiration, can provide the support to keep going. I want you to see the signs, stay positive, and believe that anything is possible.

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We’d love to hear your Wishstory! If you have an amazing story about what happened once you put your wishes into motion, we’d love to hear it. Tell us your Wishstory and we’ll send you a special gift as a thank you!


Episode 28 | Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander is a Manifesting Mama

You may know Devin from one of her Best-Selling Books or from one of her 500 media appearances, but her greatest joy is the adoption of her baby girl, who she manifested after a very powerful vision board experience. Hear her remarkable story in today's episode! Check out her website and see pictures of her sweet girl over on Instagram. So sweet!

Episode 27 | Meet William Reed - Renaissance Samurai and Passion Coach

Since 1972, William Reed has lived in Japan studying and teaching Samurai Culture. Through his mastery in the art of calligraphy and Nanba (Art of Physical Finesse), he has developed a 4 step process to help people pursue, present and profit from their passions. Learn more about his work right here.

Episode 26 | Alexa on Wellbeing

If there’s ever been a time for maintaining our wellness, for deep breathing, for positive intentions, the time is now. Here are some thoughts to help keep you strong, optimistic, confident and calm. We're in this together! Learn more about our wellbeing resources here.

Episode 25 | A punch of positivity with Felicia Alexander

Felicia Alexander, recovered corporate executive and most recently, co-Founder of Box Union, knows how to lead life with a generous spirit. Her boxing studios teach you how to relieve stress and build strength by boxing to the beat, but as a leader, her true genius is helping others through connections. She lives the motto, "Together we rise." It's my pleasure to introduce her to YOU!

Episode 24 | Feed Your Soul with Shannon Algeo

Shannon has built his top-rated podcast SOUL FEED, his meditation following, and his business by listening to his heart, serving the world, and quieting his mind. We chat about entrepreneurship, mindfulness and living life with your eyes (and hearts) wide open. Read more about Shannon here.

Episode 23 | Find Your True Wish with Ginna Christensen

Leadership coach and business strategist, Ginna Christensen takes us on a deep dive to really clarify what we really want, instead of what we think we SHOULD want. If you've ever questioned your wish, give a listen to this candid conversation. Learn more about Ginna right here.

Episode 22 | The Power of Action with Ann Cutbill Lenane

New York City's award-winning real estate broker Ann Cutbill Lenane truly lives her motto, "Annie Gets It Done". In addition to selling billions of dollars in real estate, her now-famous viral video ad which ran in NYC cabs, highlights how being bold can change your life in unexpected ways!

Episode 21 | Meet Meaghan Murphy - Big Fan and Top Editor at Women's Day Magazine

Meaghan Murphy is simply a force! Her infectious positivity can be felt everywhere she shares her message of living a fully charged life - in magazines, on TV, and especially on her delightful Instagram posts. She's an accomplished media executive and attributes her latest book deal to her Wishbeads bracelet! We had so much fun recording this episode!

Episode 20 | Meet super fan and super woman Jennifer Glancy!

In case you’re wondering how the Washington Nationals won the World Series, it’s thanks to Jennifer’s Wishbeads bracelet. Hear her story PLUS her incredible contribution to children whose mothers are deployed in active duty for the US military. She’s incredible!

Episode 19 | Behind the Scenes with Robert + Alexa

There are some truly special people in my life who have been a major part of my Wishbeads journey - my awesome family. In this episode, you'll meet Robert, my husband and best friend for as long as I can remember. Graphics, videos, podcast editing - you name it, he does it all. Oh yes, and there's a special guest who pops in as well. Welcome to the family business!

Episode 18 | The Magic of Tiny Goals with Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. A female Fred Rogers with blue hair and an aloha vibe, she's the QUEEN of inspiring folks to make tiny goals, unplug from technology and live life as if you only had 24 hours left on the planet. Check out her latest creation, The Checklist Book! It will change your life!

Episode 17 | Game Changing Habits with Jess Cording

Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN, INHC is a registered dietitian, health coach, and writer with a passion for helping people streamline their wellness routine and establish a balanced relationship with food and exercise. In the podcast, we chat about the power of tiny shifts in our habits! Learn more about her new book, The Little Book of Game Changers right here.

Episode 16 | Supporting girls at GirlUp with Carol Cropp

Carol was a successful corporate executive when she had a vision to change her life completely. Passionate about helping young girls, she saw her new life (through Wishbeads!) and then set out to make her vision a reality. A new town, a new job, the love of her life and more. Hear her amazing story! Learn more about GirlUp here.

Episode 15 | Goals, masterminds and more with Jacq Fisch

She's smart, sassy and knows how to WRITE LIKE A MOFO... even better, she leads a community of writers who support one another along the way. In our chat, we discuss the power of wishing together, in groups, communities and masterminds. A true Wishleader in the making! Learn more about Jacq Fisch here.

Episode 14 | How Sherry teaches others how to simply celebrate

Sherry Richter Belul is a woman on a mission to inspire us all to celebrate life and those we love. She's the author of the book, Say it Now: 33 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU To the Most Important People In Your Life. We chat about her recovery from depression, being kind to yourself along the way and why now is the BEST time to own your happiness! Learn more about Sherry.

Episode 13: Empowering young women with Sand Sisters LA

The Sand Sisters' mission is to make all girls feel seen, valued and heard. We chat about the importance of building confidence and self-worth in this social media obsessed world. There's so much pressure to feel "perfect" and chasing this illusion has brought on serious mental issues including anxiety, stress, depression and low self-worth. Learn more about the Sand Sisters LA.

Episode 12: How cancer changed Elissa's life

Elissa Goodman’s mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living by helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves. Her books, recipes, talks, courses and more have transformed thousands of lives. Learn more about Elissa here.

Episode 11: Billy Goldlberg on why non-attachment is the key to wishing

Billy Goldlberg, friend and fellow entrepreneur, helps business owners focus and get results. On the podcast we chat abut the intersection of intention and action, and the power of letting go to allow the magic to happen. Learn more about Billy here.

Episode 10: Geena wished for her recovery… and it worked!

My dear friend Gena Schaublin is one of the most inspiring people I know. Her abundant positive energy, work ethic, and people skills give her an edge in the mortgage industry and it was also what helped her battle cancer with grace and grit.

Episode 9: The Durgas and music as a force for good in the world

Benjii and Christopher Simmersbach, founding members of The Durgas, have graced world stages with their unique music - layering authentic reggae, African, and eastern European folk elements. They're also part of our upcoming One Million Wishes event! It's a joy to know them! Learn more about The Durgas.

Episode 8: Veena Crownholm talks passion and persistence

Veena Crownholm, former Miss CA turned Red Carpet / Media Host, shares her story about motherhood and her journey to becoming a health and wellness influencer, with her amazing son by her side. Her challenges have helped shaped the woman she is today. Learn more about Veena.

Episode 7: All her life, Esther dreamed of going to London

Esther LaPorta secretly wished for a trip to London… her whole life. We recorded this podcast as she just returned from her trip abroad! She also happens to be my fabulous mother-in-law. Wishes really do come true!

Episode 6: Why Kristine shares Wishbeads at all of her retreats

Kristine Carlson, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of waking up to life with joy and gratitude, despite life's challenges. She hosts retreats around with world, incorporating Wishbeads as part of the experience. Learn more about Kristine.

Episode 5: Devon McNairy on life, parenthood, entrepreneurship and making your wishes come true

Devon McNairy, devoted father of two amazing young women and husband to his incredible wife, Daphne. He lends a philosophical perspective on life, parenthood, entrepreneurship and making your wishes come true. So many nuggets of wisdom. Learn more about Devon.

Episode 4: Meet Leanne – Dream builder and busy mom of four

Holistic wealth creation and leadership expert Leanne Jacobs joins me for a frank conversation about manifesting your dreams into reality. Learn more about Leanne.

Episode 3: We Showered Her Baby with Wishes

When Mazi was expecting her fourth child, we decided to gather together and write our wishes for this new, sweet soul with the Wishbeads paper bead kit. We created a one-of-a-kind paper necklace with our wishes. Mazi wore it during her daughter's birth.

Episode 2: She Told Her Wish to a Stranger

Deja found the courage to share her financial goals to someone in line at Starbucks who commented on her Wishbeads bracelet. Tired of her fear around money, that one moment helped her unlock a new found confidence to earn more than ever before.

Episode 1: Music Was The Messenger

Kim shares the challenges she faced when she took the leap to change careers. She shares the moment that a song on the radio felt like a message from her parents encouraging her forward, even though they had passed away years before.