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The Wishbeads Podcast

Hosted by Alexa Fischer.

Episode 83 | Leaning into Love with Susyn Reeve

Susyn Reeve is a master WholeHearted Living coach with a wealth of experience as a Corporate Consultant & Executive Coach, Self-Esteem Expert, InterFaith Minister, and award-winning author.

We connected after she sent us a message about her wish coming true! On Feb 14th, 2022, Susyn wrote her wish, "I am spooning with my new beau.  I feel Loved. I freely express my Love, contributing to a more Loving world" and tucked it into her Rose Quartz bracelet. A year later she found herself in Portugal with her new beau!

On the podcast, she tells us how this new chapter came to be and how her relationship with love has formed her life's work. At 73 years of age, she an inspiration. It's never too late to create meaningful relationships, new business ideas and more!

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