The best stones to spark your creativity

Have you heard of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? Famous creatives like Elizabeth Gilbert, Alicia Keys, and Tim Ferriss swear by the exercises in the book. It’s filled with tangible affirmations and inspiration to spark creativity for anyone. That’s the thing about creativity—everybody is born with it!

Writers, musicians, painters, and poets—these are the people we think of when we think of creativity. But creativity isn't just for professional artists—it helps us find new ways to solve problems of all kinds. When you nurture your creativity, you'll be amazed by what you can accomplish!

How do creativity and productivity work together?

Our culture is obsessed with productivity. The number of apps, journals, and tools we have at our disposal demonstrates our tendency to wring every bit of productivity out of the day, like water from a sponge. Yet, we never start that book, podcast, garden, or another creative outlet because we can’t squeeze in enough time! That creative endeavor ends up becoming a wish that dies on the vine.

Do you feel chronically busy? Take a pause for a moment to reflect if you keep yourself overscheduled because it’s easier to check off a to-do list than ease into the discomfort of creativity.

Expressing yourself—however you choose to do it—means overcoming fears and hesitations and connecting to your inner light. Creative concepts are safer in our heads than out in the world, where others can criticize them (and us.)

But you deserve to go after your greatest dreams, wishes, and goals—whether it’s speaking in front of a stage about something you’re passionate about, or organizing a flash mob and dance party! Write, doodle, paint, sculpt, knit. Pick a verb and get into action.

Anyone who’s stared at the blinking cursor in Word or Google Docs knows that starting is the hardest part. Put your urge to be “productive” on the shelf for a while and lean into that magical, mystical source within you where creativity flows.

How does Wishbeads help?

Set an intention—not even for a certain number of pages or quantitative goal—but for your highest purpose to be expressed through your work. Let go of your perfectionism and allow yourself to flow. Tap into that place where it feels easy to speak because you’re so passionate about your purpose. These stones for creativity and productivity can help you shine your light!

Matte Amazonite Wishbeads Bracelet


Amazonite helps you communicate your truth with authenticity and confidence. The power of this stone is that it will support you in shining your inner light and speaking up with ease while inspiring others with your unique voice. If you’ve been looking to find your flow and the ability to be brave with your words and ideas, this is your stone!

Matte Carnelian Wishbeads Bracelet


Carnelian is a vivacious stone that's full of life force. Its playful and encouraging energy helps you shed worry so you can be your bold, spontaneous, loving self. Carnelian is rooted in the Latin word for ‘flesh’ and reminds us to dig deep into our own journey and life experience for creative inspiration.

Matte Labradorite Wishbeads Bracelet


Labradorite heightens intuition and balances that intuition with intellect. When your mental faculties are balanced and strong, your imagination can soar to new heights. Labradorite is associated with mysticism and tapping into your higher consciousness. Wearing it can serve as a reminder of your deep well of creativity.

P.S. Curious about choosing the right stone to support your wish? Take our quiz and find your perfect match!