The best stones to manifest abundance and prosperity

You wake up one cloudy morning. Instead of turning inwards for your morning meditation, like you usually do, you decide to pick up your phone and start scrolling through your unread emails for the day.

One subject line makes your heart beat faster. You can immediately tell that it’s not good news. A client decided not to renew their contract with you. Your chest tightens.

How can you reframe this situation with an abundance mindset?

Friends, manifesting wealth and abundance doesn’t start with your client roster, your 401(k) strategy, or even your salary. It all begins with an ongoing practice to reframe any situation with gratitude and positivity.

Despite all the natural wealth in our world, so many of us are conditioned to believe that opportunities are limited. As if prosperity is a delicious pie with only so many slices. Remember, we’ve been trained this way... we weren’t born this way. You can absolutely tap into your inner knowing and reverse that stinkin’ thinking. It just takes a bit of intention.

Every hurdle that comes your way can be viewed from a scarcity lens or a growth mindset. It’s natural to be scared or unsure when you initially get surprising news. Just remember, you’re now powerfully positioned for so many incredible pathways to open for you. Reconnect with the light inside, then set your intention and build up your confidence to go for what you want!

OK, so your client isn’t renewing the contract. Guess what? That gives you a wide-open space in your roster for an even more ideal client. You missed your morning meditation? That’s okay! You can practice a moving meditation in the afternoon to revitalize your energy and focus. Everything you need is available to you.

How does Wishbeads help?

Wishbeads are a tangible expression of your intention. Just visualize your wish, write it down, and tuck it inside the bracelet. The stones against your skin will serve as a daily reminder to frame your thinking back into an abundance mindset.

While many people choose these stones to support financial goals, they can also help you reach for abundance and prosperity in other areas, such as manifesting new ideas or opportunities. Your potential is infinite. Go ahead and wish BIG!

Matte African Turquoise Wishbeads Bracelet

African Turquoise

African turquoise confirms our purpose and reassures us that we’re on the right path. You’ll feel confident and stable when confronting change and discovering new opportunities.

Polished Coral Jade Wishbeads Bracelet

Coral Jade

Coral jade will bring you clarity and help you notice all the opportunities available to you. It can help you clear your mind, discover who you are, and who you’re meant to be.

Matte Tiger Eye Wishbeads Bracelet

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that instills fierce confidence. It reduces fear and anxiety and allows your natural confidence to shine through.

Matte Light Jade Wishbeads Bracelet

Light Jade

Jade is known for its all-encompassing prosperity—prosperity in wealth, but also prosperity in wisdom, good luck, and friendship. This is the stone for you if you want a plentiful and enriched life!

P.S. Curious about choosing the right stone to support your wish? Take our quiz and find your perfect match!