The best stones for self-care and improved wellbeing

All the things we should do to promote our wellbeing—like going to the gym, cooking nourishing meals, staying on top of our medical visits, and even taking warm baths and going to bed on time—are acts of self-love. They’re tangible ways to express gratitude for our one, beautiful, precious life.

So why can they feel like burdensome chores? Our best friends and favorite social media accounts keep telling us to practice self-care... so why don’t we? It’s worth getting curious about why we’re so good at taking care of others but leave ourselves for last.

How to overcome shame to practice self-care you deserve.

Does “self-care” sound indulgent to you? Like something you’d only deserve after... well, some accessing some unattainable goal? If so, you may want to explore your relationship with shame.

There’s an interesting catch-22 we find ourselves in here. We feel guilty for not taking care of ourselves, which further strengthens our negative story that we never deserved that tender love and self-care in the first place.

Part of getting curious involves digging deep to find the origination of this negative self-talk. How did important figures from your childhood or earlier life take care of themselves? How much weight did they place on scheduling time for themselves to relax and rejuvenate? What did they say or think of people who did?

How does Wishbeads help?

Even the action of making a wish and wearing it close to you is a beautiful first step towards self-care. You’re doing something just for you! Wishing is playful, childlike, and filled with possibility. It calls in your inner child, before you bought into the stories that you didn’t deserve to practice self-love. It helps you remember to take action and go for what you want!

Shame can’t exist when you hold it up to the light, and you are filled with so much inner light. Funnel that light into your self-care, growing confidence, and wellbeing.

The definition of wellbeing is to be comfortable, healthy, and happy. This collection of stones supports the balance and stability you need to feel centered and grounded, no matter what’s happening around you. Self-care is about prioritizing your well-being. When the world seems noisy and distracting, you can find the strength to focus on what matters most.

Black Lava Rock Wishbeads Bracelet

Lava Rock

Lava Rock, born from chaos, emerged as a solid—strong and unwavering. It is considered a power stone and grounds its wearer, helping you thrive under intense conditions and instilling a sense of calm in stressful environments. It’s a reminder of the inner light, energy, and power inside of you.

Polished Grass Agate Wishbeads Bracelet

Grass Agate

Agate brings balance. If you’re restless, it can reintroduce equilibrium. Agates can bring you a constant, gentle feeling of support that will steady you if you’re feeling shaky about your decisions. It helps bring harmony to your physical and mental body and establish a healthy connection between them.

Sea Sediment Jasper Wishbeads Bracelet

Sea Sediment Jasper

Sea Sediment Jasper promotes stability in its wearer by helping release negative emotions. This stone aids in letting go of what you no longer need, so you can enjoy a sense of inner peace, compassion, love, and clarity. It also reminds you to rejoice in the richness of life, seeing life through optimistic eyes.

Matte Jasper Wishbeads Bracelet


Jasper’s grounding traits come from its connection to the earth. Jasper encourages reflection and connection: reflecting on one’s feelings and emotions creates the space to nurture oneself while the stone’s focus on connection grounds us, both to the earth and to one another.

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