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Thanks for being part of the Wishbeads family. Whether you've worn your own Wishbeads with love or gifted them to others, we appreciate your belief that wishing matters!

Wishing is so much more than blowing out birthday candles and tossing coins into a fountain. It's your secret superpower!

Writing your wish is like a tiny contract you make with yourself. When you wear your wish, you're building new habits of focus and motivation, and these tiny, life-changing acts can create epic results.

It's not easy to re-invent the world of wishing, let me tell you. That's why I'm asking for your help!

If you love Wishbeads, I'd be honored if you would write me a one or two-sentence testimonial with a photo of you and your Wishbeads.

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And if you're feeling brave, would you consider making a video testimonial? That would be awesome! As a thank you, I'll send you a special Wishbead bracelet for helping to make MY WISH COME TRUE. Your stories inspire others to wish too!

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It can be SO hard to know who to trust online, and your words will go a long way toward helping others be confident in their decision to shop and share the magic of Wishbeads.

No pressure at all. Just 2 sentences that feel good AND right for you.

And THANK YOU in advance!

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