Limited Edition SPEED BUMP Wishbeads

Speed Bump is a comedy about two long-time friends who are split apart by the impending installation of a speed bump on their street. It’s a play about the barriers we see and don’t see that divide our neighborhoods, our cities, and our country. Written by Jay Martel, the show is performed by Martel and John Lehr, two Los Angeles actors who’ve been friends for 15 years and live around the block from each other beneath the Hollywood sign.

Martel wrote the play during the pandemic, and the production had its genesis touring the backyards of culture-starved Los Angelenos and beyond. John Lehr is the star and creator of Quick Draw on Hulu and 10 Items Or Less on TBS, in addition to being known as one of the original Geico cavemen. Jay Martel is an Emmy®, Peabody®, and WGA award winner for his work writing and producing TV and is a regular contributor to The New Yorker.

We were delighted to collaborate with them on this special edition style to celebrate the speed bumps we all encounter. Inside the cylinder, you can hold your intention for dealing with the next obstacle life throws at you or your wish for resilience during a challenge. Life is full of speed bumps, so why not navigate them with ease?

A portion of the profits from sales of Speed Bump Bracelets will benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

You can grab one for yourself right here!