Bling By Billie: One-of-a-kind Wishbeads bracelets!

In the middle of a pandemic, it’s easy to forget the scores of older folks and grandparents tucked away from the outside world.

Billie Fischer (aka my MOM!) is a vibrant, typically busy, fashion and art enthusiast who suddenly found herself homebound with a burning desire to be both useful and creative. Never one to sit around watching TV, she asked me if I needed any help with Wishbeads.

In short order, I had her stringing bracelets for some of our new styles and polishing up some brass cylinders.

And when she finished doing the things I had asked her to do, Billie dug into the extra beads I had collected over the years and started designing one-of-a-kind Wishbeads bracelets!

And just like that, a new collection was born: Bling By Billie!

There's only ONE of each Bling By Billie bracelet and when they'e gone, they're gone. We'll be showcasing a few at a time, so keep your eye out for a style that speaks to you!

Creativity keeps you young, makes you smile, and brings you joy. If you've been longing for any of that in your life, then I hope you make some time to get crafty. Coloring books, origami, watercoloring, knitting, gardening, sketching, or making a vision board are all great activities to spark your heart.

You deserve to have some fun!