Episode 44 | Mindy Meiering - The Healing Power of Gratitude


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When Mindy told me about her healing journey with cancer and how her Rose Quartz bracelet helped her along the way – I knew I had to have her on the podcast! Even better, in this episode she shares her tips for cultivating gratitude every day. These small practices make a huge impact in our lives. Happy listening!

Mindy Meiering is a Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher based in Durango, CO. She specializes in helping people move past limiting beliefs and self-doubt to create what they truly want in their lives. Working with her is a catalyst for deep personal growth and meaningful change that transforms her clients’ experience from that of struggle to ease.

After a five-year healing journey from cancer and IVF, Mindy is familiar with the emotional terrain of loss and embodies resilience. She’s an example of someone who is thriving after enduring multiple hardships, and believes that gratitude and self-compassion are two of the most powerful healing forces that exist. Mindy is also the forthcoming author of a book, The Mindful Companion to Pet Loss.

When she's not coaching, teaching or writing you can find her in the mountains hiking with her husband and their two terriers. For more information, visit www.mindymeiering.com.