Build Your Own Wishcircle Bundle

Wishbeads are perfect for client gifts and group experiences like retreats, conferences, reunions, and celebrations of all kinds. Treat your group to a Wishcircle and set your goals and dreams in motion—together.

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What is a Wishcircle?

A Wishcircle is what we call the act of wishing together as a group; supporting each other as we go through the process of discovering what we truly want, writing it down, and then using our Wishbeads as a tool to help us focus our minds on those goals.


What is a Wishcircle?

How to host your own Wishcircle

The power of wishing as a group

Join us for a Virtual Wishcircle!

How to Help Your Guests Choose Their Perfect Stone

You can choose a theme for your Wishcircle and gift everyone the same stone, or let each guest choose their own—it's up to you!

• Guests can take our quiz to find their perfect stone.

• Send them a link to our Stone Meaning Guide.

• Download and give our printable guide.

Wishwork Audio Recordings

Start Here: The Guided Visualization

During your Wishcircle, you'll lead your guests through a guided visualization exercise to help them see, feel, and experience their lives—as if their wish has already come true. You can read the exercise aloud from your copy of Wishwork or keep it simple by playing our audio recording below. 😉

Wishwork Audio Recordings

After the Wishcircle: 21 Days of Wishwork to keep you focused and motivated

After the Wishcircle, you and your guests are invited to continue doing the Wishwork—21 days of simple and powerful daily steps that help move you closer to your goal. You can:

• Sign up to do the Wishwork via email.
• Buy the Wishwork Book or our Wishbeads Journal.

• Listen to the Wishwork in audio format via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on this page.