The Power of Wishing as a Group

I’ve been a long-time fan of Wishbeads bracelets. First, and selfishly, for myself. I mean, who wouldn’t want another tool to help make their wishes come true?

And then, as a writer and writing coach, I wanted to keep finding ways to surprise and delight my clients. I mean, I can only send people so many pens and notebooks and what better way to celebrate the work my clients accomplish than to support them in making their wishes come true.

What’s even more amazing is hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of the beads on people’s social media feed. My clients often become my friends, and it's incredibly satisfying to deepen a friendship by honoring each other’s wishes. I keep a few dozen Wishbeads in a variety of colors stashed under my desk to surprise and delight my clients. 

As I package them up, gratitude and a knowing smile always wash over me as I imagine the look on their face, and then them making a wish, rolling it up, and slipping it inside the secret compartment. And of course, when their dreams become a reality.

Swapping out my wishpaper when my wish has come true brings me tremendous joy.

I have a few Wishbeads bracelets, and they all contain a different wish. There’s something that happens when you intentionally focus on a specific outcome — you notice all the ways your wish is already on its way to you. 

What’s also beautiful is how your wish might show up in a slightly different form. It’s an excellent reminder to let go of the how. I realized along this wishing journey, that the more I pay attention and look for signs of my wish out there, the faster wishes come true. There’s actually some brain science to this too — it’s called the reticular activating system (or the RAS) and our brain shows us what we’re focusing on. Same reason that once you decide to go Jeep shopping you can’t help but notice all the Jeeps on the road.

This past summer, I wanted to give the ladies in my mastermind group a special gift — something we could all connect with, and deepen our relationship. Having shared many hours of conversations, connections, tears, and advice with them over the past year, I wanted to gift them something meaningful.

I’m also unreasonably practical, so the idea of giving a gift that sits on a shelf or doesn’t get used hurts my heart a little. 

Inside our mastermind group, we all have big goals and important dreams. 

What if we all had Wishbeads to cement our highest hopes for ourselves and our businesses? 

Wanting to give each of these important women a color they’d love, I sent everyone a cryptic message the evening before my flight to meet them at our annual retreat, “Black, blue, or green?” The three colors of bracelets I had beneath my desk. I collected their responses, tucked their Wishbeads into my carry-on bag, and boarded the plane. 

Our theme for our most recent group mastermind retreat was rejuvenation, and we had just spent a delicious hour vibrating along with a sound bath experience. It was my first sound bath experience — you lay down on yoga mats while someone creates sounds using a variety of instruments, including tuning forks, gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes, and voice. 

The sound bath left us deeply relaxed, so now was the perfect time to present the gifts. 

I called each member of our group over and presented a Wishbeads bracelet in their chosen color, which was followed by gasps of delight, gratitude, and hugs. Having been an experienced “wisher,” I offered up some suggestions on the specific language to use when writing their wishes.

The results of our group all leaving that evening, making wishes, and seeing them wearing their intentions was potent. 

Some ladies shared their wishes later with the group, and some kept them private.

Within a few weeks the updates started rolling in:

  • My wish came true already! 
  • I crushed it! Time for a new wish!
  • My wish is coming true! 
  • It ended up looking slightly different, but still amazing!
  • Wishing as a group was a powerful and moving experience. In our inner circle, we held each other accountable and were able to hold the space, and in a way, amplify one another's wishes. Having insight into each other’s big intentions also helped us to serve as reminders for one another — for those of us who shared our wish, we now had five other women keeping their eyes and ears open for clues.

    Wishing alone can take you far, wishing together can take you farther!




    Jacqueline Fisch is an intuitive writer, strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human while they make an impact in the world. She's the creator of Write Like a MOFO, an online writing community for writers, coaches, and business owners. In our recent podcast (Link), we chat about the power of setting intentions and goals and then doing some dang work to get it done! Learn more about Jacq here.