Episode 1 | For Kim O'Cain Music Was The Messenger


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Kim shares the challenges she faced when she took the leap to change careers. In this episode, she tells us about the remarkable moment a song on the radio felt like a message from her parents encouraging her forward, even though they had passed away years before. The Wishwork in action!

To learn more about her book for young adults, Gap Year Project, or to grab your copy, head over here.

An unexpected gap year. Unimaginable experiences. Betrayal. Her parents had meticulously planned out Ashlyn’s entire future. But weeks before high school graduation, events beyond this well-connected family’s control change everything. Instead of college, she’s enrolled in the Gap Year Project, the national community service program. For the next year, Ashlyn must face her biggest fears and colliding dreams. Amongst strangers and way out of her comfort zone in a remote forest, she must learn to navigate unpredictable expectations and unlikely relationships.