Episode 39 | Jodi Harrison Bauer on Being Fearlessly Authentic


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 When I first met Jodi Harrison Bauer I found her fierce and fabulous at the same time. Her honesty, her bravery, and her relentless enthusiasm for empowering women was contagious. She's a two-time World Bikini Champion, founder and owner of JodiFit Boutique Fitness Studio, radio and podcast host of Fearlessly Authentic, and the oldest woman to ever compete in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, making global headlines and the Top 60 finalists in 2019.

Jodi defines herself as an ageless warrior and an advocate against ageism. In her studio, on radio and podcast and across her social channels, Jodi focuses on empowering women. She encourages others to step out of their comfort zone, jump outside of the box to create the life they desire and deserve.

Jodi shares her life with her husband and is the proud mother of two grown daughters and a rescue pup. Outside of JodiFit, you can find her on the beach or dancing like no one's watching. She lives by the words, "Never let fear stop you from you being YOU."