Episode 53 | The Hidden Truth in Your Palms with James Divine


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I had the great fortune of meeting Jim through the one and only Theresa Reed (AKA The Tarot Lady). Inspired by her glowing recommendation of Jim's talent, I decided to take the plunge and schedule a palm reading for myself. It was incredible! On today's podcast, he and I discuss the wisdom, insight, and guidance you can receive when you recognize the messages in your hands.

James Divine has been studying palmistry for over 30 years and is the creator of the Divine Hand method of palmistry, a unique method of hand analysis that blends modern observations of body language and gestures with traditional palmistry. James' unique approach reveals hidden knowledge that is practical as much as it is inspirational. James' mission is to transform the practice of palmistry from common "fortune telling" to a powerful way to seek hidden truths. ​James teaches palmistry in an apprenticeship program, presents workshops across the country, and is currently working on his first book. James lives in Seattle with his husband and is a proud step-dad and grandfather.

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