Episode 68 | Jake Roussos Swims with Heart


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Jake Roussos is a speaker, philanthropist, and life enthusiast who was born and raised in beautiful Santa Monica, CA. I met him through our dawn swims in the Pacific Ocean throughout the pandemic. On the podcast, you'll hear how he taught me to swim through my fear of the waves so I could enjoy the awe on the other side.

As you'll hear, he's developed a very deep connection to the water and its amazing healing ability. This love of water brought him to Swim with Heart, a non-profit founded in 2010 with the belief that each child, no matter how old, can learn the joy of accomplishment and achievement of learning to swim.

With the help of specially trained instructors, swimmers of all abilities break through emotional, mental, and physical barriers and open up new possibilities. They work with students to find the best way to allow them to confront new challenges and succeed, and those successes in the pool always find a way to show up on land.

Jake continues to inspire me, In fact, my latest free training course, Swimming Through Fear, was inspired by his teaching!