Episode 15 | Goals, Masterminds and More with Jacq Fisch


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She's smart, sassy, and knows how to WRITE LIKE A MOFO... even better, she leads a community of writers who support one another along the way. In our chat, we discuss the power of wishing together, in groups, communities, and masterminds. A true Wishleader in the making! 

See Jacq Fisch in action here

Jacq Fisch is an intuitive writer, strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human while they make an impact on the world. She helps them ditch procrastination and perfectionism, so they can write to engaging online copy that sparks connection, builds trust, and sells.

Before launching her writing and coaching business, Jacqueline spent 13 years working in corporate communications and management consulting. She's collaborated with 200+ clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, the US government, tech startups, life and business coaches, naturopaths, therapists, hypnotists, sports coaches, creatives, and more.