Do you notice 11:11? The Power of Coincidences

I’m standing in the cafeteria of Oprah Winfrey’s office building, staring down at my receipt and laughing to myself. There, printed in purple ink, was my personal good luck number: $11.11.

What? If you’ve ever had your own experience with serendipity or looked for meaning in a coincidence, you’re probably already nodding along. 

Here’s the scoop on when I visited Oprah.

When I was first launching Wishbeads, a dear friend of mine made an introduction to the Editor in Chief of I flew to New York City and practically pinching myself, and headed into their offices in the Condé Nast Building. 

The meeting went well, but I must say, it wasn’t as if they were escorting me to meet Oprah herself. So when I left the meeting, I felt a tad ho-hum about what might come as a result. Before rushing back outside, I decided to get a little lunch in the cafeteria. Much to my amazement, the receipt total was $11.11!!

At that moment, it was as if I’d received a high five from the Universe - a sign that I was on the right path. I needed to hang in there, have some faith, and KEEP GOING no matter what. 

Was what I experienced “real”? Can I prove that it was a cosmic sign? 

Of course not, but what difference does it make? At that moment, that “coincidence” took me from doubt to confidence! It was the blast of assurance I needed at precisely that moment. More importantly, it immediately shifted my feelings, which shifted my thoughts and ultimately shifted my ACTIONS. 

After that, I followed up with O Magazine. I sent them samples of my bracelet collection and was even officially in consideration for their 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

In other words, “Oprah, I can’t wait to work with you… in good time.”

How to find meaning in your coincidences

Once you’ve made your wish, it’s up to you to feed it energy and attention. It doesn’t take too much effort - just some daily awareness and a willingness to see life in a slightly more positive light. 

If you’re not sure where to start, I wrote a whole book that will help you see “coincidences” as invisible hands of support guiding you along the way, giving you a boost of energy that will help you keep going for your dreams.

A few serendipity tips to get you started!

1. Listen to song lyrics and see if there’s meaning that applies to your wish

The song that came on the radio right when you needed to hear it - the one with the lyrics that were uncannily applicable to your specific situation - was that a coincidence? Or was that a hug from the universe, giving you the support you needed?

2. Notice all the green lights you encounter

Are those green lights telling you that it’s time to merge onto the highway? Or are they a message from the universe, telling you that you’re on the right track and you should keep at it?

It’s up to you to assign a meaning that works for you!

3. Pay attention to what pops up in your feed

You’re scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon a book recommendation that will help your wish come true in half the time. 

Or maybe you’re wasting time on Facebook when an old friend pops up. She just happens to work in publishing and you just happen to be writing a book. 

Or you’re faffing around on Twitter when you see a viral tweet that reminds you - in no uncertain terms - of something you needed to hear. 

Any of the above might be coincidences. But isn’t it nicer to view them as pep talks from the universe?

P.S. If you want help interpreting your coincidences in a positive light, my book Wishwork will help!