Wishbeads Workshops for Teens

Goal setting, self confidence, positive mindset, and mindfulness training—all in one fun, powerful, interactive experience.

Wishbeads Workshops helps students articulate their wishes and goals and create a physical, visible reminder they can wear every day. These goals might relate to going to college, making the varsity swim team, building a better relationship with their parents, or finding a friend group that really supports them.

I've had the pleasure of bringing the Wishbeads experience to hundreds of middle school girls at GALS - The Girls Athletic Leadership School in Los Angeles. As I'm sure you can see from the video, these incredible ladies are full of light, energy, and optimism. From the moment I set foot on campus, their hearts opened up to both me and the opportunity they had to tap into their wishes and manifest their desires.

Our company has one mission in mind—to empower people to live their best and brightest life.

Of course, a Wishbeads paper bead bracelet is so more than just motivational jewelry. It’s a daily reminder for students to stay focused on their wishes, dreams, and goals. In a time of constant distraction, social media comparison, low self-esteem and high self-doubt, teens in particular benefit from the support and reminders they can get from their Wishbeads.

Wishbeads workshops have been enjoyed by hundreds of teens around the country, including experiences with GEM (The Girls Empowerment) in Baltimore, MD, GALS (The Girls Athletic Leadership School) in Panorama City, CA, and at PS1: Pluralistic School One in Santa Monica, CA. To learn more about Wishbeads Workshops for Teens, please contact us!


"Wishbeads is an amazing activity, especially for the girls we work with. It helps connect them to who they are and where they want to go. Through the experience, they can picture themselves as confident, self sufficient, independent young women. When they wear their bracelet, they have a constant reminder."

– Debbi Weinberg, Founder, GEM (Girls' Empowerment Mission)