Why Our Wishes are More Powerful than Our Resolutions

From our earliest years, we are taught to believe in the power of wishes. We are told to wish upon stars, birthday candles and dandelions. The tighter we close our eyes, the stronger the possibility of our wishes coming true. The clearer our heads, the fuller our hearts as we make room for success and abundance.

Fast forward to adulthood, with its endless stream of responsibilities, stresses and insecurities… all of a sudden, we’ve lost our wishing ways. We replaced the magic and beauty of making wishes with the pressures and burdens of making resolutions.

The beginning of every year brings a sense of renewal, yes, but it’s inevitably paired with a sense of dread brought on by the demands of making the “right” resolutions and our fears of being able to actually keep them!

What if we replaced New Year’s resolutions with New Year’s wishes?

Let’s take a page out of our childhood. Perhaps we would have a better chance at fulfilling our destinies and seeing our wildest dreams become realities!

There are so many benefits wishes offer that resolutions just do not. Wishes are inspired by our deepest desires and our truest selves. Wishes are bigger than us and often serve a higher purpose.

How many of us have made a resolution to lose weight? And how many of us have felt the shame and embarrassment that follows when that goal number never shows up on the scale? This year, if you dream of losing weight, why not make it a more impactful and intentional attempt by making a wish for wellness? When you wish for wellness, you put your full faith behind your ability to imagine a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Resolutions are meant to be numbers-oriented, measurable, calculated goals. That means there’s a beginning and an end. But wishes that come true are eternal.

Of course, you’ll have to work at your wellness on an ongoing basis, but there’s no sense of failure or falling short with a wish. Your desire to lose weight can evolve into a desire to just feel good on a daily basis! Or perhaps you can translate and transform a resolution to get a new job with a wish to find professional fulfillment.

WIshes are magical, yet practical

You get to experience the power you have within you to create change! You then allow the universe to participate by guiding you with signs and opportunities.

By wishing for things that can help you live your best life, you are able to get that much closer to realizing your dreams. By wearing your Wishbeads and doing the Wishwork, you envelop yourself with constant reminders that you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny.

If you need a bit of guidance in deciding what to wish for, our quiz will help you to discover your desired areas of focus, plus the gemstones that can best support you on your journey. Whether you need a boost in creativity, confidence, prosperity, health and healing or love, healing gemstones combined with the power of intentional wishing will get you there!

Once you find the stones that most closely represent your wants and needs, you will infuse yourself with the power to make change in your life and in the world.

May the new year bring you many wishes come true!