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Want to hear true stories? Our podcast is here!

What makes for a good self-development podcast? I don’t know about you, but I want to hear smart, interesting people talk about the law of attraction, the power of intention, and how to manifest your dreams.

I was thinking about this – the perfect self-help podcast – when I realized that I actually had everything I needed to start my own. I had tons of stories from people who’d seen amazing results from using their Wishbeads!

And it was time that I shared those stories with the world – which is how to The Wishbeads Podcast was born.

My line of intention-setting jewelry – Wishbeads – has been out in the world for a few years now. This means that for a few years, I’ve been receiving emails, texts, and messages from Wishbeads customers about how their wishes came true.

The Wishbeads Podcast consists of funny, honest, amazing conversations with customers, friends, and fans. We talk about their Wishstories – true stories, discoveries, and inspiration to keep going and wishing BIG.

And another fun thing? This podcast is filmed inside my reissue 1961 Shasta Airflyte Trailer and we put the video version of the podcast on Youtube if you’re more of a visual learner!

What I hope you get from The Wishbeads Podcast (and how it’s different from other self-help podcasts)

I hope that you see yourself and your wishes in the stories we share. Of course, you’ll hear self-help tips, advice for manifesting your wishes, and using the law of attraction. But more than that, I want you to see evidence of what’s possible.

Seeing and hearing other people's moments of inspiration can provide the support to keep going. I want you to see the signs, stay positive, and believe that anything is possible.

Ready to listen? You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Stitcher, and GooglePlay. Here are summaries of the three podcast episodes that are up and ready for your ears!

Episode 1: Music Was The Messenger

Kim shares the challenges she faced when she took the leap to change careers. She shares the moment that a song on the radio felt like a message from her parents encouraging her forward, even though they had passed away years before.

Episode 2: She Told Her Wish to a Stranger

Deja found the courage to share her financial goals with someone in line at Starbucks who commented on her Wishbeads bracelet. Tired of her fear around money, that one moment helped her unlock newfound confidence to earn more than ever before.

Episode 3: We Showered Her Baby with Wishes

When Mazi was expecting her fourth child, we decided to gather together and write our wishes for this new, sweet soul with the Wishbeads paper bead kit. We created a one-of-a-kind paper necklace with our wishes. Mazi wore it during her daughter's birth.

That’s three awesome podcast episodes, ready and waiting for you. Go listen!

And we’d love to hear your Wishstory! If you have an amazing story about what happened once you put your wishes into motion, we’d love to hear it. Tell us your Wishstory and we’ll send you a special gift as a thank you!