How To Make People Feel Appreciated: 5 Lovely Ways To Show People You're Grateful

Here at Wishbeads, we spend a lot of time thinking about the work we all need to do - individually - to make our wishes come true. Send that email! Apply for that grant! Make that phone call!

But the truth is: wishes that come true are often a group effort. Maybe your dream house wish comes true because your sister tells you her neighbor is selling. Perhaps your wished-for book deal happens because your friend introduces you to her literary agent. 

Whatever shape this wish-helping takes, it’s super important that we say thank you, express gratitude, and show our wish-helpers how much we appreciate them! 

If you’re not 100% sure how to make people feel appreciated or show them you’re grateful, read on. 

5 gratitude tips to show people you’re grateful

Say thank you (correctly)

Well obviously, right? But in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget our manners. Or - more accurately - it’s easy to mutter “Thanks” while distractedly looking for our keys.

Next time we want to make someone feel appreciated, let’s look them in the eye, thank them properly and tell them why we appreciate them. Like this: “Mika, thank you so much. You’re such a great stylist; it’s such a relief to know that every time I see you, I’ll be leaving with an amazing haircut. I really appreciate that!” 

Write a positive review

Every vendor, contractor, and service provider you use would love it if you sang their praises on Yelp or Google reviews. Every small business you frequent wants to hear your kind words. If you work with someone who doesn’t have a Yelp page or use Google reviews, just send them a kind email that they could use as a testimonial. 

When someone does something you appreciate - brings your groceries to your car, always shows up on time, completes your remodel on time and under budget - pay it forward! Make sure they know how you feel. 

And if you love your Wishbeads bracelet, we’d be super grateful if you wrote a review for us on ______! 

Post about them on social media

We listen to people we know, so your appreciation will go even further if you talk about it with your friends. Write a Facebook post about how much you appreciate your dog walker. Tell your Instagram followers how your nanny makes your life a million times better + easier. 

And this isn’t just for service providers. If you’re familiar with the five love languages, you’ll know someone of them is words of affirmation - and some people like to hear their words of affirmation in public. If that’s your partner, best friend, or child, don’t hesitate to tell Facebook how awesome they are!

Send a thank-you note in the mail

These days, most of us only get credit card offers and catalogs in our postal mailboxes. Imagine how special a good, ol’ fashioned thank you note will seem, tucked in amongst all the flyers!

Tips on writing a truly amazing thank you note, from author Kelly Williams Brown:

  • Start with the word ‘you’ if possible, because everyone loves reading about themselves more than anyone else, and this signals your intent to gush early.
  • A couple of examples of what you were appreciative of. Be specific!
  • How you felt or benefitted (so they get the warm fuzzy of knowing they made you feel happy).
  • Don’t thank them until the very last line, and do it simply. “Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.” Etc.

Repay their kindness

I can’t imagine this person did something nice explicitly expecting something in return, but if an opportunity presents itself, why not repay their kindness?

Do they need a ride to the airport? If they’re job hunting, could you introduce them to your friend in HR? Could you watch their dog this weekend so they don’t have to pay for a dog sitter? 

You don’t need to repay tit for tat after every thoughtful gesture, but one way to show someone you’re grateful is through your actions. And maybe your grateful actions include dog-sitting!

Our wishes don’t happen in a vacuum. They’re nudged along by the people who love us and want to see our wishes come true. Let’s make sure they know we appreciate them!