Episode 59 | Your Story, Well Told with Corey Rosen


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I met Corey in my first class at Northwestern University. His big smile, warm heart, and fantastic sense of humor made me love him right from the start. It's amazing that it took his book coming out for us to re-connect after so many years! On today's podcast, you'll get a crash course in the importance of telling great stories and how to tell your own!

Corey Rosen is an actor, author, and storyteller who lives in San Francisco. He is a regular host of The Moth StorySlam series in the Bay Area, and his stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour. Corey began his career writing for Jim Henson Productions, Comedy Central, and Lucasfilm.

As an actor, Corey performs at BATS Improv, where he improvises feature-length plays.  His film credits (as a VFX Artist) include Iron Man, Grindhouse, Ted, and several Star Wars movies. His first book is called Your Story, Well Told: Creative Strategies to Develop and Perform Stories that Wow an Audience.