Empowering Our Future Leaders at GALSLA

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of bringing the Wishbeads experience to 100 6th graders at GALS - The Girls Athletic Leadership School in Los Angeles. As I'm sure you can see from the video, these incredible ladies are full of light, energy, and optimism. From the moment I set foot on campus, their hearts opened up to both me and the opportunity they had to tap into their wishes and manifest their desires. Have a look at the video... Feel their light for yourself!

This company has one mission in mind - to empower women and girls to live their best and brightest life. My goal is to deliver tools and experiences that inspire people to tap into their own personal power, so they can:

  • focus their attention on their hopes instead of their frustrations
  • experience the power of gratitude as a fuel for staying positive
  • create a physical reminder of what they intend to manifest in their life

Despite all of the obstacles and stresses that we face daily, the simple truth is that we have the ability to train our minds on how we approach life. We get to choose how we react to challenges. We get to choose how we move through every possible challenge that comes our way. We get to choose to stop listening to the inner negative thoughts that bring us down. We get to choose to PAUSE and consider other options.

What you focus on, you attract. When you consciously make small shifts in your life to stay positive, stay motivated and stay proactive, life unfolds in miraculous ways.

Wishbeads is committed to bringing these tools to non-profit organizations like GALS. We are committed to empowering our future leaders. We are building a company that will help underwrite these experiences for many more girls and women to come. If you are interested in learning more, then by all means, contact me. I have no doubt that we can do some incredible things together.

I'll be sharing more announcements soon, but until then, enjoy each moment of this journey called life. It's yours to savor.