Episode 45 | Dr. Marcy Cole: On Love, Authenticity + Connection


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Dr. Marcy Cole is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Writer, Speaker, and Wellness Educator at a K-6 independent school in Bel Air, California, providing support for faculty/staff/parents and students. She also happens to be a dear friend and a woman with the biggest heart in the world. In today's podcast, we discuss the power of trusting your intuition, connecting with people, and the magic that's created as a result.

In addition, Marcy produces monthly Life Enrichment events through First Tuesday USA (transitioning to First Tuesday Global), which is a platform for women, fostering social connectivity, professional networking, and social service, and was founded in 2004. Her monthly live events are now virtual, featuring high profile thought leaders and influencers, speaking about personal and professional development. I've been a member for a decade. Hope to see you at the next event! Sign up here!