Activate Your Wish

STEP 1  Imagine Your Wish In Gorgeous, Vivid Detail

Picture a moment in the future where your wish has already become reality. See it. Feel it. What are you wearing? What time of year is it? Who is with you? Imagine your wish in as much detail as possible: sights, sounds, scents.

For a guided visualization to help you picture your wish, download our Wishbeads App for iOS or our Wishbeads Meditation.


STEP 2  Write Your Wish

After you visualize your wish in vivid detail, write a single sentence that captures the essence of what you imagined. Use present tense language as if your wish has already come true.

“The audience loved my speech and I have the biggest smile on my face.” “My family is gathered around our wooden table, laughing and playing cards as the sun sets.”


STEP 3  Do the Wishwork

Take action towards your wish by signing up for our free ecourse, 21 Days of Wishwork, and receive daily prompts to help you stay inspired and keep moving toward your wish. Living your biggest-and-best life starts with taking tiny, actionable steps towards getting what you want. This remarkably simple process sets that change in motion.

By focusing on what you want, you amplify the power of intention. It works!