Wishbeads for Retreat Leaders

Bring a unique and intentional experience to your next retreat and motivate your participants to set their dreams & goals in motion.

The Original Wishbeads® intention-setting jewelry. Make a wish. Tuck it inside. Wear it daily to stay focused on your goals.

Wishbeads empower you to unlock your true abilities, dream your biggest dreams, and make almost any wish come true by reminding you to stay focused and intentional—every day.

Our intention bracelets are available in sizes for women, men, and kids, featuring genuine semi-precious gemstone beads and a solid brass cylinder.

Wishbeads captures the magic. Every time they peek at their wrist, they think of you.

Retreats are about intention. Intentional transformation. Intentional movement. Intentional awareness. Intentional thought.

But how do you carry that intention once your retreat is over and throughout your daily life when life is life—messy, beautiful, and oh-so-chaotic.

That's where Wishbeads come in. Wishbeads allow you to carry your intentions with you daily in physical form as a reminder of the goals you've set and to help you stay motivated and focused.

Wishbeads are perfect for your next retreat.

✔ A welcome gift for each of your guests.

✔ An experience you offer during the retreat as part of your teaching.

✔ A powerful closing ceremony to capture the energy and intention of your experience together.

✔ A pre-retreat gift to spark excitement for the experience ahead.

✔ A milestone gift for your participants after the retreat is over.

Beautifully packaged.

Wishbeads bracelets and necklaces come beautifully packaged and ready to gift in our custom branded retail box.

Inside, you'll find your Wishbeads jewelry, a packet of Wishpapers, a toothpick to assist in rolling up your wish, and instructions—everything you need to get started!

Write down your deepest wish on a slip of Wishpaper, roll it up, tuck it inside your the secret capsule on your Wishbeads jewelry, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action.

We're on a mission. You in?

At Wishbeads, we believe that wishing is not just wanting—it's a powerful force that ignites our imaginations, prompts us to ask for what we truly desire, and compels us to take bold action.

We're building a global community of dreamers, believers, and action-takers who WISH OUT LOUD to unleash the untapped power of wishing and revolutionize the way we shape our lives... together.

Let's create a ripple effect that reverberates across the globe.

Big wishes, big discounts.

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Get started today!

Share a unique and intentional Wishbeads experience with your people.

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