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First, choose jewelry for your guests.

Select a specific stone as the theme for your entire event or let each guest choose their own—it's up to you! Not sure what to choose? Check out our Stone Meaning Guide.

Next, choose books or journals.

The Wishwork book is a richer experience with 120 pages of insights, inspiration, and lined journaling pages. Or choose our Wishbeads journal for a more compact option.

Lastly, grab our Wishcircle resources.

We'll provide you with an audio recording of our Guided Meditation to kick off your Wishcircle, plus instructions, tips, and other goodies to help make your event a success.

Ready to get started?

Choose your Wishcircle Bundle

Best-Sellers Wishcircle Bundle for 6 People

Perfect for a small group when you want to keep it simple.

— 6 of our best-selling Wishbeads bracelets

— 6 copies of the Wishwork book

— Save 25% on your order!

Build-Your-Own Wishcircle for 10 People

Perfect for intimate gatherings like yoga retreats, bachelorettes, birthday parties, or a group getaway.

— Choose 10 Wishbeads bracelets or necklaces

— Choose 10 books or journals

— Save 30% on your order!

Build-Your-Own Wishcircle for 25 People

Perfect for mid-sized gatherings like your next holiday party, leadership retreat, or team-building workshop.

— Choose 25 Wishbeads bracelets or necklaces

— Choose 25 books or journals

— Save 40% on your order!

Build-Your-Own Wishcircle for 50 People

Perfect for larger groups like a company retreat or conference, or if you want to run a series of smaller Wishcircles with your team.

— Choose 50 Wishbeads bracelets or necklaces

— Choose 50 books or journals

— Save 50% on your order!

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