How to Host a Wish Circle Party

Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1  Create A Guestlist

A Wishcircle is the perfect opportunity to bring together a close-knit group or even people who might not know each other. Think of friends who would welcome an opportunity to stop their busy lives to craft their desires into a wearable reminder of what they wish for in life. They’ll thank you later!

STEP 2  Send An Invitation

Feel free to get creative with your invitation or you can download our custom PDF image that you can use with many online invitation services. Here are the ones we like from Evite and Paperless Post. Simply upload the image and insert all your details.


STEP 3  Review The Process

Be sure to take some time to review exactly how to create your Wishbeads bracelet before you host your Wishcircle. Step-by-step video instructions can be found at You can also dive in a create a bracelet in advance! For the visualization process, you can either play the MP3 version or familiarize yourself with the intent of the visualization and you can lead your own version.

STEP 4  Select The Music

Why not make a great playlist of songs before your event? When it’s time to begin the Wishbeads process, our favorite song to listen to is India Arie’s I am Light. This song in particular helps guests get focused and calm and ready to wish. While your guests are writing, calm ambient music allows your guests to write without being distracted by lyrics.


STEP 5  Prepare Your Space

Before your guests arrive, it’s a good idea to have the table prepared with all the supplies out and ready to go. Be sure to use a covering on the table to protect the surface from pen marks or glue. Damp paper towels or wet wipes are also very helpful for easy clean-up.

STEP 6  Getting The Wishcircle Started

Once your guests have arrived and they’ve had a chance to catch up, say hello and have a bite to eat, invite them to gather around the table. This is a great opportunity to share your excitement about Wishbeads and a bit more about the process itself. As their guide for the experience, you’ll lead them through the song, visualization and creation of their Wishbeads bracelet.


STEP 7  Leading The Visualization

Once you have listened to the song, you can immediately lead your guests through the visualization, be either playing the downloadable MP3, or by leading them through your own version. Remind participants to take their time and notice at least three specific details in their visualization. It will help them with the writing process as they record their experience on the paper.

STEP 8  Reminders Before You Start Writing

Once everyone has completed the visualization process, they can begin writing on the paper. It’s a good idea to remind everyone to write from the top (narrow) side of the sheet all the way down to the bottom edge, so their writing will be visible when the paper is rolled and glued. They can write the details of their visualization in rich, present tense language. Encourage them to write without judgement, almost without stopping, to allow the creative process to unfold.


STEP 9  Helping Your Guests

Since you’ll be familiar with the process, your guests may want you to show them how to do each step. Feel free to share the step-by-step video instructions at Pay special attention to assisting them with rolling the paper tightly around the stick. An extra piece of paper is included in the kit to practice the rolling and gluing process. Please remind guests to not glue all the way to the paper’s edges as this will cause the paper to get glued to the stick.

STEP 10  Sharing The Experience

“Circling” is a power experience where you are given the opportunity for support and connection. While everyone is crafting their bracelets, it’s a perfect time to discuss your wishes with one another. Encourage your guests to share their experience. By having your wishes witnessed by others, you open up the opportunity for support and encouragement.


STEP 11  Do The Wish Work

Once their Wishbeads bracelets are completed, it’s time to do the wish work. Each guest will have a 21 day journal to encourage action toward their wish for the next three weeks, In addition, everyone can sign up for email reminders at Action creates results!