Become a Wishbeads Retailer

If your customers love…

– Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.
– Personal growth, goal setting, and transformation.
– Journals, inspiring quotes, the power of the written word.
– Inspirational messages from books like You Are A Badass.
– Unique, meaningful jewelry pieces that spark a conversation.
- Thoughtful, affordable gifts for daughters, sisters, and girlfriends.

Then your fans will love… Wishbeads.

Make a wish. Wear it on your wrist.

Each Wishbeads bracelet comes with a small slip of paper.

Write down your wish. Roll it up. Tuck it inside the bracelet’s secret compartment.

Wear it as a daily reminder to stay focused, take action, and create what you want. What you focus on, you attract.

Wishbeads bracelets are available in a variety of colors and materials.

African Turquoise – Positivity + Purpose

Amethyst – Trust + Intuition

Black Onyx – Protection + Healing

Carnelian – Creativity + Passion

Coral Jade – Confidence + Motivation

Grass Agate – Soothing + Centering

Grey Agate – Balance + Stability

Jade – Wealth + Wisdom

Jasper – Nurturing + Grounding

Labradorite – Clarity + Imagination

Lapis Lazuli – Love + Protection

Lava Rock – Grounding + Calming

Rose Quartz – Love + Forgiveness

Tiger Eye – Confidence + Good Fortune

Wishbeads are perfect for:

• Bridal showers

• Baby showers

• Weddings + anniversary’s

• Girls night out + Galentine’s parties

• Yoga + mindfulness retreats

• Shops that sell personal, inspirational + meaningful gifts

With Wisbeads in your store or boutique, you have an effortless conversation starter to a spark connection with your customers. You're helping empower women to see the reality of their dreams unfold, with a product that they naturally want to share with their friends.

The Wishbeads Bracelet

Inside each bracelet package, customers find a beaded bracelet, a piece of wish paper, and simple and easy instructions. Your customer will write down her deepest desire, tuck it inside her Wishbeads bracelet, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action toward her wish. She can also sign up for 21 days of writing prompts, to follow daily to bring her wish to reality.

Learn more about Wishbeads Bracelets.

Wishbeads—jewelry for people with big, beautiful dreams.