Wishbeads Workshops for Teens

How this inspirational jewelry making workshop works:

  • VISUALIZE: Students will be led through a guided visualization where they will be invited to imagine a moment in the future where everything feels “just right”. They imagine this moment in vivid detail.

  • CREATE: After “seeing” their wish, students write down the details of what they saw - Where was the awards banquet held? What were they wearing on their first day of classes at Stanford?

    Then the student roll these wish-covered papers into tubes. They glue the paper, cut it into paper beads, and string the beads into a bracelet. Now they have a goal-setting bracelet they can wear every day to remind them of what they want and what they’re working towards.

  • DO: By wearing their bracelet daily, they’re reminded of their wish and encouraged to keep taking stpes toward their goals. Students also have the option of downloading the free Wishbeads app or signing up for a free 21-day emails series where they’ll receive three weeks of prompts that will help them take action towards their wishes.

The Wishbeads Workshop provides all the materials they need to create their Wishbeads bracelet.

Each student will receive:

  • A paper placemat
  • An envelope with six wish papers inside
  • A small bag with all the supplies they need to create a bracelet: bamboo skewers, red elastic, a red pen, a pair of scissors, the Wishbeads® bead and a small tube of ModPodge®.
  • All instructions will be provided in digital format, with downloadable PDF guides and well as step-by-step how to videos. Please visit: wishbeads.com/create

Of course, a Wishbeads bracelet is more than just motivational jewelry.

It’s a daily reminder to students to stay focused on their wishes, dreams, and goals. In a time of constant distraction, social media comparison, low self-esteem and high self-doubt, teens in particular benefit from the support and reminders they can get from their Wishbeads.

Wishbeads workshops have been enjoyed by hundreds of teens around the country, including experiences with GEM (The Girls Empowerment) in Baltimore, MD, GALS (The Girls Athletic Leadership School) in Panorama City, CA, and at PS1: Pluralistic School One in Santa Monica, CA.