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Choosing a Wishbeads bracelet is the first step toward manifesting your wish. Each stone has different properties that can be key in making your wish come true. One stone might bring clarity and allow you to more clearly visualize your goal, while another stone may have grounding properties, rooting you in the here and now allowing you to see that your wish might be closer to coming true than you realized.

I invite you to see what you’re naturally drawn to — be it the warm hue of rose quartz or the stoicism and strength of black onyx—and then explore the meaning of each stone. You might be surprised that you’re naturally drawn to exactly what aligns with your needs. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the “right” selection. This is the fun part! Trust your gut and start exploring.

African Turquoise

Meaning: Positivity + Purpose

African turquoise confirms our purpose and reassures us that we’re on the right path. You’ll feel confident and stable when confronting change and discovering new opportunities.  

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Meaning: Trust + Intuition

Amethyst is a stone known for its connection to the mind. With the ability to clear negative thoughts, Amethyst restores a sense of calm and allows one to have clear access to their ideas, beliefs, and intuition. With mental roadblocks out of the way, amethyst enables its wearers to trust themselves and improves their intellectual and cerebral activity. 

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Black Onyx

Meaning: Protection + Healing

Black onyx is a protective stone, guarding you from negative energy and giving you strength in times of stress. Black onyx helps develop emotional and physical strength in times of turmoil. 

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Meaning: Creativity + Passion

Carnelian has energetic properties. It’s playful and encouraging and helps you shed worry so you can be your bold, spontaneous, loving self. 

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Coral Jade

Meaning: Confidence + Motivation

Coral jade will bring you clarity and help you notice all the opportunities available to you. It can help you clear your mind, discover who you are, and who you’re meant to be.

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Grass Agate

Meaning: Soothing + Centering

Agate brings balance. If you’re restless, they can reintroduce equilibrium. Agates can bring you a constant, gentle feeling of support that will steady you if you’re feeling shaky about your decisions.

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Grey Agate

Meaning: Balance + Stability

Agate is a stone with an affinity for balance. Its greatest strength is harmonizing and agate can reintroduce equilibrium to a restless wearer. The stone provides a constant, gentle feeling of support that can steady one who is feeling shaky in their path. Wear the stone to achieve peace and balance in all aspects of life.

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Meaning: Wealth + Wisdom

Jade is known for its all-encompassing prosperity - prosperity in wealth, but also prosperity in wisdom, good luck, and friendship. This is the stone for you if you want a plentiful and enriched life! 

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Meaning: Nurturing + Grounding

Jasper grounds you. It’s a stone that will help you manifest strength, courage, and wisdom. Jasper also encourages reflection and connection. Reflecting on your feelings and emotions creates the space to nurture yourself. Jasper’s focus on connection grounds you, both to the earth and to other people. 

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Meaning: Clarity + Imagination

Labradorite heightens intuition and balances that intuition with intellect. When your mental faculties are balanced and strong, your imagination can soar to new heights.

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Lapis Lazuli

Meaning: Love + Protection

Lapis lazuli heals and protects. It will protect you against mental turmoil, relieve stress, and instill a feeling of tranquility. 

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Lava Rock

Meaning: Grounding + Calming

Born out of chaos, black lava rock emerged as a solid - strong and unwavering. Lava rock is considered a power stone and grounds its wearer. If the stone can thrive under such intense conditions, it can help you do the same. It instills a sense of calm even in stressful environments. 

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Rose Quartz

Meaning: Love + Forgiveness

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It opens your heart to all kinds of love - romantic, familial, collegial, and most importantly, love of self. It also helps with forgiveness, which is crucial in love (and in life). 

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Tiger Eye

Meaning: Confidence + Good Fortune

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that instills fierce confidence. It reduces fear and anxiety and allows your natural confidence to shine through. 

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