You get compliments on your Wishbeads bracelet almost daily. You’ve told everyone in your book club about it. You’ve given our bracelets as gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, the holidays.

You’re already singing the praises of Wishbeads to anyone who will listen - why not earn some extra money from what you’re already doing?

Earn extra money—every month—simply by recommending Wishbeads products to your community.

How Wishbeads affiliates work:

— Use any platform or medium to recommend Wishbeads products. You can use your blog, e-newsletter, social media profiles, Youtube channel or podcast.

— You can also share your Wishbeads story via personal emails to friends, family, clients, colleagues - anyone!

— We give you beautiful photos, product descriptions, email and social media scripts, and a customized purchase link—just for you—to make it easy to spread the word. Feel free to customize the text we send to make it sound more like you, or just copy and paste!

— Every time someone makes a purchase because of your recommendation, you earn a commission! Hooray!

— Your commission is 10% of every sale made through your link. That’s about $6 per bracelet! Many of our affiliates earn $150-$500 per month. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

— Use your extra cash for groceries, car payments, yoga classes, charitable donations, whatever feels right for you.

Of course, being a Wishbeads affiliate is about more than making money.

You’re joining a movement that encourages people to pursue their dreams, build better lives, and create a better world.

Imagine: One million people wearing Wishbeads. One million people, taking action to make their dreams come true. One million wishes, realized. Together, we can make that happen!

Get started as a Wishbeads affiliate!

You’ll hear back from us within a few days.  We’ll send you everything you need to get started!