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This mighty little workbook will help you reinvent the way you’ve been wishing. You don’t get what you want by blowing out birthday candles and tossing pennies into a fountain. You make your wishes come true when you identify what you want and take action toward it daily. Let me show you how. Ready to create your own Wishbeads bracelet? Go ahead and buy your kit today!

Hi, I’m Alexa. It’s nice to meet you!

As a sought-after coach and speaker, it has been my mission to help people unlock all 1000 Watts of their personal power so they can speak their truth and ignite their greatest potential.

I believe in practical tools and actionable encouragement that take you from the abstract to the tangible. Dreams and wishes transform into a clear articulation of your life’s purpose. Daily, goal-driven actions manifest that purpose into a life fully lived.

Wishbeads is my latest creation. An empowering bracelet-making and goal-setting kit that enables you to identify and manifest the purpose and light within you.

Write your deepest wishes, wear them daily, and witness the power of intention.

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