Episode 27 | Meet William Reed - Renaissance Samurai and Passion Coach


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Since 1972, William Reed has lived in Japan studying and teaching Samurai Culture. Through his mastery in the art of calligraphy and Nanba (Art of Physical Finesse), he has developed a 4 step process to help people pursue, present, and profit from their passions. Learn more about his work right here.

William Reed has pursued his passions to a professional level since first coming to Japan in 1972. Moving from Mystery to Mastery, he has achieved top-level credentials in each, as well as sharing his passions on communication platforms ranging from Amazon bestsellers to regular appearances in Japanese television, radio, and documentaries on the Samurai, and a YouTube Channel. With a Professorship at Yamanashi Gakuin University’s International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA), he also does Executive Coaching and Corporate Seminars for multinational companies in Japan.

While actively engaged in his own Passion Projects, he also helps people Discover the Process and Master the Tools by which they can Pursue, Present, and Profit from their Passions. Coaching with William Reed using proven tools and a mastery mindset can help you take these four steps to enhance your personal and professional life.

Website: http://www.samurai-walk.com

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/taproot55/WilliamReed